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Bathtubs, Kitchen Sinks, Lavs

Porcelain on Steel - Our repairs are baked in with a high temperature application.

Fiberglass - We are the factory repair representatives for virtually all of the fiberglass bathtub manufacturers, and have enough experience to resolve even the toughest problems.

Acrylics - We pioneered reliable techniques for these unique surfaces in the middle 1970's and have made amazing strides in these repairs.

Cast Iron - We can guide you as to what we can successfully accomplish on these shiny surfaces. Unfortunately, there are only a limited range of repairs that can be made on cast iron fixtures.

Shower Pans

We repair poured resin pans, acrylic urethane surfaces, and fiberglass - which are the most common shower pans. 

Cultured Marble and Onyx Fixtures

We repair manufacturers' defects, cracks, and other major damage on these surfaces. Commonly, cultured marble and onyx surfaces are scratched or chipped and we specialize in these repairs.

Jetted Bathtubs

We repair leaks to jetting systems, replace pump assemblies, and diagnose electrical problems with switches. This also includes replacements, repairs to jets, and correction of blockages.

Non-skid, Front Doors, and Counter Tops

We can install non-skid floors on a number of different tubs and shower pans. Dents in metal front doors and fire doors can be made totally flat prior to painting. We also repair damage to Formica and thick synthetic counter tops.

Vinyl Window Frames

Our skills with plastics have become valuable in repairing vinyl window frames, runners, and fixed portions of the window assemblies. We now work directly for many manufacturers, taking care of their warranty problems.